The specific raw materials required for Full Elastic Waistband Baby Diaper are 3pcs type upper top sheet, leg cuff elastic, 3pcs type botton top sheet, ADL, absorb layer, tissue paper, core elastic, wasit elastic, back sheet, frontal tape with hook and side tape with loop. The machines are divided in two models: one is JWC-NK800-HB-SV and the other is JWC-NK600-HB-SV. JWC-NK800-HB-SV and JWC-NK600-HB-SV are both full-servo drive. JWC-NK800-HB-SV operates at the speed of 600-800 pcs/min and JWC-NK600-HB-SV operates at the speed of 500-600 pcs/min.

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