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Sanitary Napkin Machine:


Main Features:

1. High speed. To meet the requirements of modern production, we must use high speed production line. The running speed of our Sanitary Napkin machinecould be 800-1200 pcs/min, with qualify rate ≥97%. With such a machine you could easily make millions of products per month.

2. High intelligent. The machine function includes auto unwinding, auto splicing, auto folding, auto cutting, etc. No manual during to whole process. Just put the materials on the racks and the machine will make them into final products automatically. Meanwhile, the HMI on the touchscreen will help controlling the machine with just some single taps.

3. High efficiency. Running efficiency ≥85%. With good operation and machine maintaining it could higher.

About JWC Machinery sanitary napkin machine | JWC Machinery
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The product stands out for its durability. It can work continuously without a break and work for long without any major wear and tear.


1.Can you do the machines' appearance design for us?
Yes. We have a professional team with rich experience in machine's appearance design and manufacturing. Machine structure design is according to the products that you want to produce.
2.How can I get a sample to check your quality?
After price confirmation, we sincerely invite you to our factory to check our operation and production
3.If I need to change certain spare parts, how can I confirm the item No. with you?
Each spare part on our machine has unique code no. We have the spare parts codes regulation system. We only need you to tell us the laser code No. on the spare part. Then we can confirm with you the drawing at the soonest time and supply you the spare part accordingly.


1.Jiangsu JWC Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for the free installation and commissioning of the equipment to the customer's factory, and we provide 12-18 months of after-sales service. If the customer needs, we will match the experienced engineer on site to guide or take charge of the production work for free.
2.We provide different kinds of raw materials for sanitary products.
3.Customers can send future equipment operators to JWC Company for field training. The trainers can be familiar with the whole process of the production of sanitary products in the branch of JWC Group, Purity Industry, including laboratory testing, equipment operation, raw material storage, online quality process testing and so on.
4.Customized production line to meet the different requirements of customers.

About JWC Machinery

Founded in 1996, Jiangsu JWC Group is located in Jinhu,a beautiful city in Jiangsu Province, with an area of 57,000 square meters. JWC Group has four branch companies .JWC Machinery specializes in developing and manufacturing disposable hygiene products machines. Purity Industrial is a standard sample factory for final products’ researching and producing as well as providing technical training services. Purity New Materials Co., Ltd. research and sales of new raw materials for sanitary products. JWC Trading aims to provide raw materials and spare parts for customers all around the world. Since its establishment, more than 1,000 production lines have been installed successfully not only in China, but also in other 109 countries and regions in Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. The research and development of baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine sanitary napkins and pads, medical care mat and pet pads, disposable breast pads, automatic stacker and other 8 series of more than 80 models of hygienic equipment are customized to clients’ requirements. To conclude, Jiangsu JWC Group has become the rare one  one-stop service provider in Chinese hygiene product industry that integrates providing equipments, R&D raw materials, producing final products and training talents. Chinese JWC, Global JWC, Jiangsu JWC welcome you!

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