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  • Best Gentle Caring herbal panty liner with wings Factory Price - JWC Machinery
    Best Gentle Caring herbal panty liner with wings Factory Price - JWC Machinery
    Product name:    Disposable Herbal Snow Lotus Panty Liner    Available:    for women daily care,not in period use    Feature:    Breathable, skin-friendly, comfortable    Our Certification:    CE, ISO,SGS,FSC,WCA,FCCA,SQP,BSCI  etc...    PRODUCT DETAILS:1. non-antibiotic sterilization, extraction of 39 kinds of herbal extracts, with nourishing ovaries, cleansing uterus detoxification, eliminate odor, regulate endocrine, delay aging and other functions. 2. The new use of bamboo fiber surface layer, bamboo fiber is known as "breathing fiber", has a natural Antibacterial, mite, deodorant and other functions.3. Transdermal absorption technology, to promote the absorption of plant extracts in the private parts, the 39 kinds of herbal essence The effect of 39 kinds of herbal extracts is maximized.4. non-invasive detoxification, not built-in, not oral, not rinse, safe detoxification.5. ecological care of ovaries, natural precious herbal extracts active factors to maintain ovaries.6. core structure upgrade, the internal increase of non-woven wrap layer, functional additives are not easy to leak out, more clean and hygienic.7. Winged type, no displacement, no lump, more comfortable.8. Inner packaging food-grade quality aluminum foil outer packaging, medical aluminum bubble packaging,disinfection with ethylene oxide, reject pollution.

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