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  • what is 17 experience in hygiene machinery baby diapers making machines? | JWC Machinery
    what is 17 experience in hygiene machinery baby diapers making machines? | JWC Machinery
    1   Design speed   800pcs/min   2   Working speed   600-800pcs/min   3   Qualified rate    ≥ 97%(exclude the wastage due to the glue applicators and materials splicing joint)   4   Efficiency   ≥ 85%   5   installation capacity   ≥280KW   7   Electricity   380V ±5%,50HZ   8   Wire   Three phases four wires 380V/50Hz  (ground wire) 3X120mm³+1X50mm³+1X25mm³   9   Air pressure   ≥0.8Mpa    2.6m³/min   10   Total weight   About 78tons   11   Machine size   28.5×8×5 M(L×W×H)   12   Working space   36×12×8 M (L×W×H)   13   Machine color   Rice white ,can be changed by order   14   Product size   S,M,L,XL   15   Containers   6X40HQ   
  • Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce | JWC Machinery
    Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce | JWC Machinery
    Provincial Federation of Industry and CommerceJWC Group, founded in 1996, is located in Jiangsu Jinhu High-Tech Development Area. Our company occupies an area of 48000 m2. The traffic is quite convenient because our company is in the Golden Triangle formed by Nanjing, Yangzhou and Huaian, which is also known as the One-hour Economic Circle. We specialize in research and development, hygienic products equipment manufacturing, raw materials importing and exporting, hygienic products manufacturing and real estate development. We have more than seventy models of hygienic products machines. They are divided into eight series, which are diapers, sanitary napkins, panty liners, breast pads, bed under pads, wet napkins, tissue napkins, single use medical supplies. Since the establishment of JWC Machinery, thousands of production lines have been sold not only to domestic market, but also to more than 88 foreign countries. Meanwhile, we supply different kinds of raw materials for production. Our company has been well acknowledged to be one of the most respectful manufacturers in sanitary goods field based on large scale manufacturing, excellent technical strength, superior quality and full-aspect after-sales service. We have obtained ISO9001 and CE certificate and won a lot of national and provincial reputation and awards. Many products we design and manufacture have got national patents. We will continue to make our great effort to be your most perfect and reliable partner. Welcome you to JWC!
  • Professional wet tissue making machine manufacturers
    Professional wet tissue making machine manufacturers
    Founded in 1996, Jiangsu JWC Group is located in Jinhu,a beautiful city in Jiangsu Province, with an area of 57,000 square meters. JWC Group has four branch companies .JWC Machinery specializes in developing and manufacturing disposable hygiene products machines. Purity Industrial is a standard sample factory for final products’ researching and producing as well as providing technical training services. Purity New Materials Co., Ltd. research and sales of new raw materials for sanitary products. JWC Trading aims to provide raw materials and spare parts for customers all around the world. Since its establishment, more than 1,000 production lines have been installed successfully not only in China, but also in other 109 countries and regions in Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. The research and development of baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine sanitary napkins and pads, medical care mat and pet pads, disposable breast pads, automatic stacker and other 8 series of more than 80 models of hygienic equipment are customized to clients’ requirements. To conclude, Jiangsu JWC Group has become the rare one  one-stop service provider in Chinese hygiene product industry that integrates providing equipments, R&D raw materials, producing final products and training talents. Chinese JWC, Global JWC, Jiangsu JWC welcome you!Product Introduction
  • It has been 27 years since JWC is established | JWC Machinery
    It has been 27 years since JWC is established | JWC Machinery
    JWC Machinery    1996-2010-2022It has been 27 years since JWC Machinery was established.

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